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Welcome to Rishta Auntie

Tired of swiping? Want something more engaging and meaningful? The team at Rishta Auntie is excited to bring you a refreshing experience! We are two millennials from New York who felt that all dating apps were the same, providing only a monotonous experience revolving around lots of swiping and little interaction. Two years ago we thought of creating what the game has been missing; an app where South Asian users can find compatible matches and not waste their time!

The Rishta Auntie app is different. We are passionate about technology, psychology, and meaningful relationships. We broke the standard and took on a new approach with our Rishta formula which was made to highlight your personality while actively giving you suggestions about each profile you look at. Although Rishta Auntie is Muslim owned and operated, we are open to all religions. 

Our personality-based quiz and algorithm was developed with the help of a psychiatrist to insightfully give you feedback about each person you encounter on the app. Rishta Auntie intelligently gives you advice on each profile you view based on compatibility factors such as shared values, communication styles, and personality characteristics to allow you to hone your matches before you invest your time!

After countless hours of surveying, research, testing, and tweaks to improve the app, we have built a product that we are confident can bring value to users and create a community that everyone wants to be a part of. 

Rishta Auntie is a breath of fresh air and is here to help you find the one because you’re more than just a swipe! 

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