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24 Years of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Long ago, well before the days of dating apps and online matchmakers, Rahul used friendship bracelets to shoot his shot. Which was better than his actual shooting percentage, as Anjali would usually beat him in 1 on 1 basketball. 

Millennials would be shocked to realize that it has been 24 years since the 1998 release of  Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The movie that we grew up watching serves quite a different purpose if we were to re-watch it in 2022 and beyond. As Gen Z and the younger members of the South Asian community watch it for the first time on Netflix, there will be plenty of discussions about the key decisions made in the film.  

Nowadays more and more people are using dating apps to meet someone new…but it can be hard to make your dating profile stick out when there are thousands of people to swipe through! From taking that cute profile picture to coming up with questions to ask on the dating app, it can be a long road toward that ultimate goal; getting married! 

Luckily for you, Rishta Auntie is a South Asian dating app that makes this scary process easier by building conversation starters right into the dating app! Questions to ask on a dating app can usually be generic, but we personalized many of our prompts in the app. These are some of the ways we allow the conversation to flow organically for members.

For example: Prompt: Should Rahul have chosen Anjali from the start? 

This has been one of our most popular (and polarizing) prompts in our app. It can be a great conversation starter since this movie has been really popular over the years!

Because of the popularity of that prompt, we’ve also added: 

Should Anjali have stuck with Aman at the end? 

Re-watching the movie as an adult, most would argue that she made a mistake by choosing Rahul. He was head over heels for Anjali, and even said to Rahul, “Meri Anjali tumhari Anjali se ziada khoobsurat hai” 

What do you think? Try out these prompts on your Rishta Auntie profile.

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