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Five Tips to Get You Started

Five Tips To Get You Started  

To help you navigate the world of dating apps, Rishta Auntie brings you these five tips to help you dive in:

1) Your first match may not be your soulmate… and that’s okay! 

While we’d love this for you, odds are you probably won’t hit it out the park on the first try. Don’t be discouraged, keep going because you never know if the one might be your next match.

2) The false security of “there’s always a better option”.

Okay so let’s say you’re talking to someone and it’s going great but the temptation of continuously matching with more people kicks in. Do not throw away a real connection just because you’re getting a little swipe happy. If you’re vibing with someone, see where it can go before moving onto the next.

3)  If you know what you’re looking for, should you stick to it or let yourself stray? 

You finally meet someone great, yay!  As you grow closer, you start to notice there are things that you simply did not picture for your life. It’s time to make a decision on whether or not you want to grow with him/her or you want to move on in your pursuit to find ‘the one’. While we’re not here to tell you what to do, we will tell you this – stick to your non-negotiables but allow yourself some wiggle room with the ‘nice to haves’. Your non-negotiables are there for a reason, that’s where your personal boundaries come to life. Straying from your non-negotiables will ultimately let you down in the long run. You know yourself best! 

On the flip side, allowing some wiggle room with your “nice to haves” will let you have the freedom to meet someone who can introduce you to new things. 

4) If meeting in person for the first time is too scary, don’t be afraid to FaceTime.

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s worth mentioning to help calm your nerves. FaceTime is a great way to bridge the awkwardness before meeting in person for the first time. It’ll allow you to build familiarity with each other ahead of the big first date!

5) Feel comfortable taking a break every now and then.

If swiping constantly, everyday becomes a bit draining, pause your profile and regather yourself. Your swipes do not dictate your value, neither does a failed talking stage. When things get too much to handle, take a break and remember the most permanent relationship in your life is the one with yourself. Don’t let that relationship bear the grunt of negativity.