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Rishta Auntie Do’s and Don’ts

Hey all! We’re back with another post to help you best navigate the world of Rishta Auntie. Today we’re focusing on what you should and shouldn’t do in the world of online dating. Here are twelve simple tips to help your experience on Rishta Auntie.


  1. Keep an open mind
  2. Use recent photos on your profile
  3. Be honest about your lifestyle 
  4. Remain authentic to yourself
  5. Be truthful on the personality quiz 
  6. Showcase who you really are in your profile 
  7. Utilize multiple prompts


  1. Focus on flexing
  2. Assume every match is going to be a Bollywood love story
  3. Push boundaries — either your own or theirs
  4. Try to match with everyone you come across — increasing the number of matches without truly connecting would be a disservice to yourself and them 
  5. Make your profile sound like a resume

We hope this helps bring you one step closer to finding a great partner!