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Top Three Reasons Why It Is SO Hard To Meet New People

1) Unrealistic expectations:

This is kind of self-explanatory. Social media, TV, movies -hollywood, bollywood, lollywood, etc., you know the drill – the “perfect” relationship is everywhere to be seen. There’s always something to idealize and while it may be harmless to admire a gesture you may see on social media or have a favorite tv/movie couple, it is entirely unrealistic to hold your own relationship/future relationship to that standard. We are so used to being fed a “perfect” love that at the first sight of conflict, people tend to turn and walk the other way.

2) Unwillingness to compromise:

Kind of related to unrealistic expectations, we tend to expect absolute perfection from our partners. It’s pretty normal to idealize your life and think of how you would like your life to be. You have a dream career, living your ideal lifestyle surrounded by your family, your friends, and of course “the one”. The issue comes from not realizing that “the one” may also have their own idealized life. When one doesn’t fully adapt to the other, both parties are ready to start a war or call it quits. That’s not realistic. Learn to compromise. It’s probably necessary to say that every person has their own list of deal-breakers, so you don’t want to stray from that. But, the point is if you can see yourself growing with someone,  learn to meet in the middle.

3) Unhealed but ready to date? (Think again):

If you have been hurt, allow yourself to feel that pain, grow and learn from it and then move on and date when you’re ready. It’s pretty straightforward though right? But that’s not reality. If you’re not rebounding with someone, you are the rebound, which will then lead you to find someone to rebound with and the cycle goes on and on. We’re here to kindly remind you to stop. As corny or cliché as it might sound, it is very true – you will not find what you’re looking for in a relationship unless you are happy with yourself. You’re only going to end up hurting yourself and another person who really didn’t do anything to you. Don’t punish the next for what the previous did. Disclaimer with this: please learn from your past and apply that to your future in a healthy way. For example:

Don’t: assume the next will cheat on you because the last did.

Do: remember what you learned about yourself from previous mistakes and use them to guide you.