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Welcome to Rishta Auntie

It seems that dating is a nightmare in its own way: dealing with catfishes, ghosting, and just completely incompatible matches. Throw in a pandemic and now meeting people is even more of a challenge. Time is spent swiping left and right and left and right and you just can’t seem to get to your desired destination. Pause for a second and reflect. You’re more than a swipe, time to start acting like it. 

Meet Rishta Auntie. No… not your mom’s friend who keeps trying to introduce you to so and so’s son or daughter. Rishta Auntie is a new app powered by AI to help curate matches via an evidence-based questionnaire. This Rishta Auntie actually pays attention to your likes, dislikes, and compatibility. No more “beta, if you keep rejecting rishtas based on lack of compatibility, you’ll never get married!” Our AI gives your feedback and suggestions for every profile you visit. Rishta Auntie’s unique, evidence-based personality quiz helps assign a personality type to users. Our powerful AI will curate your best matches based on these personality assignments. When you sign up for Rishta Auntie, the quiz you take is a series of “this or that” styled questions, prompting you to pick one of two scenarios. For example, “when I go on vacation I like to have a plan for all the activities to do. – Judgment” or “when I’m on vacation I don’t follow any plans and I enjoy the moment. – Perception.” We even have new studies being conducted to help improve the algorithm so that you can meet your match easier. 

Our goal is to create an organic experience. To start talking to someone, you have to actually interact with them for more than two seconds. With us, you can like a photo, reply to a question prompt, leave a comment on the profile – all while being yourself. The great thing about Rishta Auntie is you’ll already know a basic level of compatibility based on AI. You can interact with your curated matches or visit other profiles. We’re making meeting people personal again. 

Who knows, this may just become your new favorite Auntie… uh we mean app 😉 (well, just at least just until you meet your new favorite person).